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Startup Development Team


IT Consultants

Opus Technologies, LLC began operating in the Jackson, MS area in December, 2005. With over nine years of experience managing networks, our staff has designed, installed and supported networks for many different industries including:

Legal networks (5 to 200 users with multiple sites)
Manufacturing industries
Medical industries
Financial services companies
Over the counter sales (POS Systems)

Whatever your needs, Opus can provide a solution. We provide support for Exchange Server, Postfix and Sendmail in secure corporate email environments. If you are having problems with spam emails and antivirus we can point you to proven solutions.

Having supported law firms in the Jackson area for 20 years, Opus has specific experience with legal needs. Current applications we support include OpenText's DocsOpen, Summation, PCLaw, Amicus Attorney, SoftPro, CollectMax, Tabs, Time and Chaos, Sanction and Title Express as well as others.

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